Ojala Group is a pioneer in contract manufacturing; we have 50 years of competence in demanding customer projects. We deliver industry-proven manufacturing services from mechanics manufacturing to complex systems integration, and services to support customers’ product life-cycle management.

We increase our customers’ market competitiveness by fast and cost-effective deliveries of quality products and services, ranging from prototype to medium-sized production volumes. Our customers appreciate the high service level which is acquired by Lean manufacturing solutions, modern machinery, and skilful personnel developing production technologies.

Quick facts about Ojala Group:


Ojala Group Sievi Factory

Sievi / Finland

Ojala Group was founded in Sievi in 1963. Our long experience results in a deep understanding of metal mechanics manufacturing, assembling and systems integration. A key success factor for us is the Ojala spirit which grows from the collaboration with our partners to contribute to the customer success. Our dedicated professionals deliver what they promise.

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Quick facts about Ojala Group’s Sievi factory:

  • 19 work cells
  • 18.000 m² production space

Versatile manufacturing capabilities powered by

  • Assembly lines
  • Turret punch presses
  • Press brakes (manual and robot bending)
  • Hydraulic presses
  • 2D and 3D laser workstations
  • Flat bar centres
  • Automatised 3D dispensing system
  • Automatised fastener inserting centre
  • Tapping centres
  • Off centres
  • Welding cells
  • Powder coating line
  • Electro-chemical coating line


Ojala Group Chennai Factory

Tabasalu / Estonia

Ojala Group has widened its presence in the growing and versatile Baltic market. New production site has been opened in Tabasalu, where our experienced team manages deliveries in a fast and cost effective way from single parts to complex system integrations by serving the best practice and knowledge gathered in the Ojala Group internationally.

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Quick facts about Ojala Group’s Tabasalu factory:

  • 4 work cells
  • 4.000 m² production space

Production capabilities include

  • Turret punch presses
  • Press brakes (manual and robot bending)
  • Assemby lines
  • Powder coating line
  • Shearing machine
  • Fastener inserting centre
  • TIG/MIG, Spot, stud welding machines
  • Drilling machine


Latest news

07.11.2016 — Ojala-Yhtymä Oy's Board of Directors' announcement 07.11.2016

Petri Virtanen has decided to take up new challenges outside the Company. He will join Specta Group in Russia.  Ojala-Yhtymä Oy’s Board of Directors has appointed Chairman of the Board Teijo Hildén the Company’s new managing director as of 07.11.2016.

We thank Petri for his contribution to Ojala Group’s development in Finland, Slovakia and Estonia.

During his period in the Ojala Group he has completed many projects for the future success of our company.

Board of directors

06.11.2016 — Organisation changes in Ojala Group

Marko Niskanen has been appointed on 7.11.2016 as responsible person of Group’s sales and marketing operations. At the same time he continues with current responsibilities as Group’s sourcing activities and General Manager of Slovakia’s factory.

All Key Account Managers and Sales Managers report Marko.

Marko reports to Ojala Group’s CEO Teijo Hildén.

Teijo Hildén

13.06.2016 — Ojala Group delivers thousands of e-Toilets to India

Ojala has recently made a contract with Eram Scientific Solutions, which is funded by Bill Gates, and will deliver over 2 500 intelligent electronic toilets around India.

e-Toilets inbuilt technology will report its condition directly to the maintenance center. Mobile application will show the nearest available e-Toilet. The automation system will flush the toilet automatically after use when the door is closed.

Ojala has expanded its market share in India rapidly after their manufacturing operations moved into Chennai few years ago. The Chennai factory is in full use of available capacity and therefore Ojala is looking for investors to make further expansion in India.



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