Junkkari Oy, Ojala Group signed a supply agreement


Junkkari Oy, a Finnish supplier of agricultural and forestry machines, and Ojala Group have signed a supply agreement on sheet metal mechanics and assemblies. Ojala Group started deliveries to Junkkari Oy last year. This agreement establishes the co-operation.

”We selected Ojala Group for their delivery capabilities”, says Pekka Himanka, CEO of Junkkari Oy. “We require top-notch expertise as well as ability to a long-term co-operation from our supply partners. Ojala Group’s successful and long history indicates that our expectations will be fulfilled.”

Junkkari Oy designs, markets and manufactures machines for sowing, transportation and forestry, such as trailers, chippers and combi drills. Final product assembly is done at the Company’s factory in Ylihärmä.

”The break of manufacturing industry in Finland has been widely discussed lately. For us co-operation with Junkkari Oy is another prove for excellent industrial product design and manufacturing operations existing in Finland today and in the future”, comments Juhani Hanninen, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Ojala Group. “As a contract manufacturer we will support this kind of development.”

Ojala Group delivers manufacturing services from mechanics manufacturing to complex systems integration, and services to support customers’ product life-cycle management. The group employs approximately 600 persons in Finland, Slovakia and India.