New FMS-line at the Kriváň factory of Ojala Group


The installation of the highly automated FMS-line is in a final stage in Ojala Group´s Slovakian factory, Kriváň. Production on the line will start before the end of this year.

By investing in the new production line, Ojala Group meets the growing demand for contract manufacturing of sheet metal structures. According to Timo Vilmunen, company´s Director of Operations Excellence, with the help of the solution the changed requirements of the customers, like smaller batches, faster production time and more competitive price, will be responded – without compromising the high quality.  

After the rigorous selection process, for the new production line was chosen Night Train FMS®, which will be delivered by Prima Power from Kauhava, the long-term partner of Ojala Group. The first Night Train –production line was installed in Sievi´s factory already in the year 1994, and it is still in active use.

The new production line represents the latest generation of the Night Train –system and it follows the Lean-principle: extra intermediate stages and a number of different machine tools are limited to a minimum on the line.


Effectiveness and economy    

On the production line, manipulators are taking care of handling the material in all the work stages, from picking the sheet metal from the warehouse to delivering the final product. The highly automated production line expedites the manufacturing process and removes the need for changing the machine tool during the process. „This increases significantly the effectiveness of the production,” says Prima Power´s Sales Director Veikko Moilanen.

The new production line will be built around a shearing machine and a bending machine. The shearing machine minimize the loss, saving materials consequently even 10 %.

The whole new production line will work with the servo-electric machines, hydraulics will not be used in any phase of the production. The energy saving, thereby achieved, meets well Ojala Group´s goals to minimize the environmental impacts.

For further information of the new production line, please contact:

Timo Vilmunen
Director, Operations Excellence
Ojala Group
+358 40 508 9856