Our customers are leading machine and equipment manufacturers operating globally in various industries, such as energy, clean technology and manufacturing.

Customer Cases

Reverse vending machine Cosmos

The Cosmos reverse vending machine is a combination of performance reliability, user-friendliness and new retail benefits, such as remote monitoring and the possibility to personalise the machine's front wall.

Repant is a Norwegian-Finnish recycling technology company which manufactures high-quality reverse vending machines for bottles and cans. Repant's recycling systems are already in use in most European countries.


As it was planning the manufacturing process for Cosmos, Repant sought a contractual manufacturing partner for the machine’s sorting gates and conveyors.

The high quality, performance reliability and flexibility of the product were criteria that the chosen partner would definitely have to meet.

"Our customers require the same from us. Our contractual manufacturer must be able to support our business operations so that we can meet our customers' strict demands in these areas," explains head of sales Ilkka Immonen.

Strong seasonal variation is a characteristic of recycling system markets, so Ojala Group's flexible operating method reassured Repant.

Another important reason for the choice of manufacturing partner was that Ojala Group demonstrated that it was able to support the customer's growth: "As we began cooperation, we had a small volume demand, but a vision of strong growth. Ojala Group is able to scale its operations in accordance with the customer's growth," Immonen says, commending the Group.

Thanks to the experience it has accumulated, Ojala Group has been able to meet the primary demands and expectations set for cooperation with Repant.

"In addition, Ojala Group has demonstrated the ability to continuously develop its operating methods throughout our cooperation. As we develop our own production process, Ojala Group has actively supported our renewed processes with their own operations."