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Customer Cases

Kempact RA

Designed for the modern welding workshop, Kempact RA expresses stylish and purposeful design through high build quality and functional user benefits, making weld tasks productive, accurate and efficient. The device was awarded the international iF Product Design Award 2012 in the industrial product design category.

Kemppi is a worldwide recognised brand for highly productive and inventive welding equipment and solutions.  


At the start of the product development phase of the new and unique Kempact RA welding device, it was decided that new production technology - the deep drawing technology of sheet metal - would be used for welding equipment.

According to Kemppi's vice president, supply chain management Mika Kuusela, the combination of expected high Kempact RA volumes with new production technology posed a large manufacturing risk.

"That's why we were looking for a reliable, competent and co-operative partner with the desire and ability to solve the technical and production-related challenges facing us. An example of this is how deep drawing supports product design and structure in the best way possible", Kuusela explains.

The necessary competence with production technology and commercial competitive ability were the minimum requirements for the selection of a contract manufacturing partner, which Kuusela says were met by Kemppi's choice, Ojala Group.

"We decided on Ojala Group as the company has the required competence and is willing to examine even difficult and complex issues."

"Kempact RA's reception on the markets has been good and there have been no issues with quality", says Kuusela and continues; "Ojala Group's technical skills and production process are convincing. We are satisfied that they invest in their production technology and equipment. The company makes an excellent partner in cooperation and their personnel are highly skilled".