Assembling and systems integration

When your company requires an agile partner with the ability to solve complex manufacturing challenges for high-mix and medium/lower-volume product focus, our team can offer you industry-proven services for

  • Turnkey box build services including mechanics, electronics, cabling
  • Cabinet assemblies
  • Module assemblies 

For assembly, we offer multiple joining options, such as MIG/TIG/Spot welding, all fastener techniques and TOX riveting. Sealing of cabinets and modules is a frequent customer requirement for demanding environments.


Sheet metal mechanics

We have decades of experience in sheet metal mechanics. This cumulative know-how equals to increased yields, improved throughput and a consistent level of high quality.

Another important factor in our performance level is our up-to-date machinery, such as

  • Various high performance punching turrets, with an extensive tool assortment, Ideas, Pro-E and SolidWorks design compatibility
  • Press brakes for both manual and robot bending, high-mix press capacity and press width
  • Press performing centres, capacity up to 400 tonnes
  • Laser cutting stations (2D laser 3 kW, 3D laser 2 kW)
  • Powder coating lines of high capacity



Flat bar mechanics

Excellent quality in flat bar mechanics is one of our strengths. We work with copper, aluminium and steel and have work stations for cutting, punching, bending and lateral bending.

Coating materials used are tin, zinc and powder coating. Our electro-chemical coating line in Sievi has a fully automatic control; the 6-metre-long coating pool has a high capacity, and we offer a drum coating option.



Engineering services

We have successfully supported our customers’ NPI processes with our versatile engineering capabilities. Let us help you shorten the time from a product design phase to volume production.

Contribution to early design phase to ensure optimal producibility

Our experienced professionals contribute early in your design cycle by recommending modifications that will enhance your product to be manufactured faster, at a lower cost and with a higher quality level.


Most production can utilize our extensive range of tools. We are also able to design new ones optimized for your needs.


In our dedicated prototype work cells, we offer fast turnaround on prototyping, with the same quality as our normal processes. Working hand-in-hand with your design team, our skilled employees will help improve the design for volume build.

Quality control

Our Quality Control team has top-of-the-line tools and equipment. We can build your product, test and measure it to your tolerance.



Inventory management

Understanding your business needs, combined with our Enterprise Resource Planning tool, form a solid ground to succeed in the on-going process of balancing an optimal inventory level of your products. The process covers supply chain management and ensures product availability against the need for minimizing inventory holding and handling costs.


Product data management

Our PDM process ensures smooth management and tracking of data related to your products. You can trust in confidential maintenance of your product information through its development and life span.

Forward logistics

Depending on your needs, we will arrange for third party logistics. We ship directly to you or to other agreed delivery address. Whatever the case, we will determine the most cost-effective and efficient way of transportation.


After-sales maintenance

Partnering with Ojala Group enables customers to receive full product lifecycle support. We help you extend the value of your products through our after-market and repair services. 

Sustaining engineering

When your product is in your customers’ hands, or finally reaching its end-of-life, we are able to support further sustaining needs. Whether it is a Field Replacement Unit or another run of a specific part, we will produce it for you.